Southpaw Michigan exists to help close the gap between people and politics.

Southpaw Michigan aims to support candidates and causes whose victories would help build toward a better future for poor and working Michiganders and bring Michigan closer to a more just, equitable, and sustainable state.

The progressive movement has the right candidates and causes with the right ideals to garner support, but the odds are too often stacked against them. Money, organizational capacity, and establishment connections should not be the deciding factors in who controls our government. Southpaw Michigan aims to put people power over corporate power.

The Formula: how southpaw aims to build a movement


Too often, our politics locks out those it needs most: young people, people of color, immigrants, and other minorities. In order to change our political landscape, Southpaw will listen to, encourage, and engage those who have bene ignored by politicians for far too long.


Too often, important races – particularly those down-ballot – are overlooked in lieu of more widespread campaigns. But these candidates and causes have the power to shape our politics at its core.

Southpaw Michigan hopes to shed light on the candidates and causes that are vitally important to Michigan’s future and encourage attention from volunteers, donors, and media.


When people come together to knock doors, make phone calls, and do the work of democracy, our politics begins to shift. Southpaw Michigan aims to harness organizing technology to mobilize volunteers across the state and help them work for causes they care about, changing Michigan politics from the bottom up.